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What is The Run?

Our lovely players will begin a broadcasted marathon play through of Final Fantasy V using the classes selected by you, the players, viewers of and donors to the Fiesta!

When does The Run start?

The Run is scheduled to begin at some point. We'll let you know.The Run can also be viewed on RPG Limit Break

Donation Incentives

$500: ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ PIANO FLEX ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ

All players must play every piano and flex each time.

$1500: Hi, Gilgamesh!

The players must do all Gilgamesh fights.

$2500: Final Savepoint

The players must defeat Necrophobe.

$3500: Legendary Weapons

The players must collect all four tablets and all twelve legendary weapons.

$4500: Summon Fights

The players must fight the Summon Bosses

$5500: The Magic Lamp is banned

No using the Magic Lamp!

$6500: The Chicken Knife is banned

No using the Chicken Knife! Still shouldn't take the Brave Blade.

$15,000: Fight Shinryu

The players must fight and try to beat Shinryu.

$20,000: Fight Omega

The players must fight and try to beat Omega.