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What is The Run?

Our lovely players will begin a broadcasted marathon play through of Final Fantasy V using the classes selected by you, the players, viewers of and donors to the Fiesta!

When does The Run start?

8:00 AM EDT June 15, 2024.

Four wonderful people will be participating in The Run this year.
Bowie - Twitch
Rislyeu - Twitch
eLmaGus - Twitch
Yagamoth - Twitch
The Run can be viewed on RPG Limit Break

Donation Incentives

$500: ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ PIANO FLEX ᕦ(° Д°)ᕤ
All players must play every piano and flex each time.
#FF5FJF2024 Goal Met!

$1500: Hi, Gilgamesh!
The players must do all Gilgamesh fights.
#FF5FJF2024 Goal Met!

$2500: Final Savepoint
The players must defeat Necrophobe.
#FF5FJF2024 Goal Met!

$3500: Legendary Weapons
The players must collect all four tablets and all twelve legendary weapons.
#FF5FJF2024 Goal Met!

$4500: Summon Fights Collect All Summons
The players must fight the Summon Bosses collect all Summons.

$5500: The Magic Lamp is banned
No using the Magic Lamp!

$6500: The Chicken Knife is banned
No using the Chicken Knife! Still shouldn't take the Brave Blade.

$7500: Fight Shinryu
The players must fight and try to beat Shinryu.

$10,000: Fight Omega
The players must fight and try to beat Omega.