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White Mage Summoner Ninja Samurai


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2022-06-12 23:07:39 4x White Mage vs Garula is easy with the Flail and Healing Staff... he just takes forever.
2022-06-15 00:09:03 So, that's White Mage, Summoner, Ninja, and Samurai. A near-repeat of my party from my very first fiesta 5 years ago, with a little twist at the end. Excited to try out Samurai for the first time #FF5FJF2022
2022-06-18 02:14:43 First gill toss/zeninage of my run goes to the crystals because they fried everyone else in my party except Galuf, which is a rad way to lead into one of my favorite scenes of the game. Lunch session ends with the completion of the Forest of Moore. #FF5FJF2022
2022-06-20 10:01:13 Making my way through little by little, thus no normal updates. Took down World 2 Exdeath without much trouble, knocked out the Pyramid, and now need to figure out what I should do before popping into the Rift. Fork Tower for Holy, I think. #FF5FJF2022
2022-06-21 11:01:04 Finished the Island Shrine and Fork Tower. Not sure if I'm ready yet, but I'm heading into the Rift now! #FF5FJF2022
2022-06-22 02:08:44 My party melted through several bosses on my lunch break, last being Halicarnassus. Questioning if I brought enough Ethers and Cottages thanks to my Summoner, but I suppose I can always go back (I might need more levels for Exdeath anyway). #FF5FJF2022