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2022-06-13 13:32:27 To be sure I wasn't affected by the bug, I looked at all job assignments for #Run1 for #FF5FJF2022. I would need to use 4 berserkers against Liquid Flame and Byblos, gaining bard against Sandworm, Soul Cannon & Archeoaevis. I'm considering using the Job Fair.
2022-06-13 14:20:23 In the spirit of Chaos I rerolled all but the berserker (because, berserker risk). Traded bard, chemist and thief for geomancer, black mage, blue mage. No change for Liquid Flame, but I'm in a better position for everything else in World 1. #Run1 #FF5FJF2022
2022-06-16 00:00:03 After too many 4 berserker attempts at Liquid Flame (got it at level 15 this time), I get to play the game again now that I can use geomancer and black mage. #FF5FJF2022 #Run1
2022-06-18 13:36:32 Getting access to Blue Mage at the Earth crystal means missing out on some !Blue spells that can make getting others easier. No Off-Guard, for now. I used Dark-Spark + Level 5 Death to finish Prototype, learn Flame Thrower and Missile. #Run1 #FF5FJF2022
2022-06-27 13:19:52 I learned Off-Guard from Ziggurat Gigas in Barrier Tower, along with the other two !Blue spells I could without !Control. Reflect rings took some time to gather. #Run1 #FF5FJF2022
2022-07-07 06:05:04 With reflect rings, Level 2 Old and Off-Guard, Exdeath wasn't a problem. The whole party was at level 30, berserker Krile had about 200 HP more than the damage Level 3 Flare would do and she took the hit to learn it. #Run1 #FF5FJF2022
2022-07-13 12:59:49 Using the GBA RNG means I can get the Stingray encounter very quickly, just had to put my berserker to sleep and get Tempting Tango from the Dancing Dagger to learn Mighty Guard. Learned Mind Blast from Wendigo in Island Shrine at level 31. #Run1 #FF5FJF2022
2022-07-16 09:10:40 All !Blue spells have been learned. I saved White Wind for last, earning it by using the Dancing Dagger on White Flame in the Rift's forest section. Earned a Rune Chime on the way. Went to Phoenix Tower for money. Time to end this run. #Run1 #FF5FJF2022
2022-07-16 15:27:34 Chaos with berserker risk on GBA, done. I closed the emulator early. Bartz died while wearing Bone Mail. Lenna became the narrator & "traveled all over" despite the chancellor. She says the wind has returned to Tycoon. Boko was a bit sad. #Run1 #FF5FJF2022 https://t.co/Am1CeQ2jjB
2022-07-16 15:34:13 Neo-Exdeath notes: The party was level 37 and it took awhile for Break to land on the Almagest part. Level 2 Old hits Humanoid part. Level 3 Flare hits the Vacuum part, not Grand Cross like I thought, so I ended up taking about 5 of those. #Run1 #FF5FJF2022
2022-07-16 15:44:38 #Run2 will be Classic Jobs on the PSN version. #FF5FJF2022 https://twitter.com/FF5ForFutures/status/1548195485621424129
2022-07-17 11:50:07 I leveled up to 14 to get enough HP for everyone (Faris) to survive Fire2 from Ifrit, but I also played around with confusing him and he can cast Fire3 on himself in that state. With 1,000 MP, that's not feasible to run out without !Gaia. #Run2 #FF5FJF2022
2022-07-19 06:27:38 Good news, I have a thief so I can get a Lamia'sTiara (yes, no space) for each of my mages. Bad news, it's a rare steal. #Run2 #FF5FJF2022
2022-07-19 14:13:26 Archeo-car rental is done, at level 17. I had to break rods and I don't think solo white mage Galuf will be able to take on Gilgamesh yet, so I still have some grinding to do. #Run2 #FF5FJF2022
2022-07-29 05:04:52 Faris' pirate accent has transitioned over to Bartz, Gilgamesh is the slayer of Val's soldiers, and my Thief has a Double Lance while my Red Mage can use a Dancing Dirk with a Lamia'sTiara (sic). #Run2 #FF5FJF2022
2022-07-30 06:10:27 I realized after watching this video by @doctor_oran that the common steal from YellowDrgn is a LightningRod, so I have quite a stockpile of those for X-Death. Takes some extra time with only natural Thief to !Flee. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1542873033 #Run2 #FF5FJF2022
2022-09-01 10:58:35 I pretty much let this sit for most of the month because I didn't want to grind for multiple copies of the Light staff. Got 4, but took out X-Death with ~20 LightningRod throws. Now, I'm up to Fork Tower with 10 hours left to finish. #Run2 #FF5FJF2022
2022-09-01 17:25:51 If you miss the World Map in the Ship Graveyard, but you also don't take it in the Fire Ship or the hidden room in Castle Surgate, you can still revisit both of the last two locations in World 3 to pick it up. #Run2 #FF5FJF2022 https://t.co/GJNrQphnwt