Help - Final Fantasy Five Four Job Fiesta

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Job Unlocking

#Water, #Fire, #Earth
Tweet these when you reach the appropriate part in the game and Gilgabot will let you know your next job.
Pre-registration players can find their Wind job on the Players Page or their personal page. After pre-registration players will receive their Wind job upon registering.
Note: Two Fire Jobs (Ranger and Bard) are not available as soon as you get Fire Crystal Jobs. Keep playing and you’ll get them.

After Beating Final or Special Bosses

To get a super cool gold star, heart or gear beat the following bosses! Remember to include picture proof when you tweet. It does not have to be a screenshot, a picture taken with your phone camera is just fine. (Preferably the photo is of the boss fading away.)
Each victory tweet needs to be a separate tweet. Do not send them all in one tweet.
Do not include anything in the victory tweet other than the picture and the hashtag.

#Victory: Tweet this after beating Exdeath.
#VictoryShinryu: Tweet this after beating Shinryu.
#VictoryOmega: Tweet this after beating Omega.


#MyJobs: Have Gilgabot notify you of your currently unlocked jobs.
#Up: Log your progress! These comments will show up on your personal page. (Click a player’s name on the Players page.) Links to pictures and videos will (should) be converted to display properly. (Only available once the Fiesta has started.)
IMPORTANT: #Up cannot be used with any other tag. If you do #Fire and #Up together you will just get your #Fire job and nothing will be logged!
#Pledge: Make a donation pledge that will be listed here!